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It Started Right Here

May 10th 2006

Welcome to The Original Tipping Page. This page was the first of its kind. I started this page back when The World Wide Web was just beginning to grow. The site was nothing more than a single web page I put together in order to have something available to those looking for information on what to tip someone.

The Idea came to me when I went looking for this information on-line and could not find any resources. At the time I worked for a large educational medical center and had web space on a departmental server where my home page hosted The Original Tipping Page (hence the name).

As the site grew in popularity and traffic increased, it became necessary for it to have its own domain and server. The original page and later this site have been in continuous operation since 1996. Since then it has undergone a lot of changes and growth in information as well as the addition of a Discussion Board where lively discussions take place on all aspects of tipping.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Thank you

Manny Gonzalez
The Original Tipping Page