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For your Palm Pilot or WindowsCE mobile device.


Tipper! The handy little tool for your palm device. This FREE Palm OS application has most of the information contained here on The Original Tipping Page with an added bonus: An automatic tip calculator. Simply click the subject and then hit another button to automatically calculate the correct rate for the total. Very handy from Denton Software.


BillSplit from Crocodile Group is indispensable for those situations that require you to split a bill between 2 or more people including the tip. Written by Vadim Zaliva. NOTE: It seems that Vadim no longer supports this free software. The link to download it is from a different web site. However, Crocodile Group and Vadim are both still around. No information is available on their site as to the status of BillSplit. Thanks to Maureen for bringing this to our attention.


Spb Traveler from Spb Software House will help you in your business trips as well as in a travel. It provides information about more than 10 000 cities world-wide. You will never get lost on this planet with services like up-to-date weather forecast and currency exchange rates and useful tools like unit converter and flight assistant.

For your Business


GrataSoft"! Solutions Gratuity reporting and Tip Allocation software applications were developed to simplify and solve many of the intricacies and hurdles pertaining to the complex legal and operational requirements necessary to protect ones self or business from an IRS tip audit. When used with complete disclosure, they provide accurate details of all tip activity. The Restaurateur package combines tip declarations with inter-employee tip-out collection, reallocation, TRAC reporting, and TRDA and ATIP rule application, IRS Tip Allocation, all backed by signature authentication.