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How to Correctly Tip a Bellman (c. 2001)

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NOTE: The original version of this page was not authored by me and was not associated to It has been down for some time now, perhaps for more than a year (last known version of the original page was 2001). The web host (Primenet) is no longer in business either. I have tried to contact the original author and maintainer of the Bellman Gripes Page but I have been unsuccessful. Since I found the page to be relative, entertaining and somewhat factual, I have decided to keep a local cached copy of the page.

How to get the most out of your hotel visit


How not to piss off the most important person in a hotel

by D. Moritz

I have been working in the hotel industry for 10 years now, and have always held a tipped position. Of all these positions, waiter, room service, and of course the venerable Bellman, how to properly tip a Bellman is an often misunderstood phenomenon. This page is dedicated to all Bellman in an attempt to educate the general masses who actually believe that Tipping is a city in China.

Lets start with some basics for the beginners:

Tipping Table

Here is a little guide so that you are aware how we will think of you after you close your door
$20 or more You are now a God in the eyes of the entire Bellstaff. They will hide dead bodies for you if asked.
$10 You are a very generous individual. The bellstaff will be at your mercy, but will stop short of illegal behavior. (See Above)
$9 Spare the extra buck and make it $10.
$8 See Above.
$7 A nice start to your stay.
$6 A good show at being better than average.
$5 THE STANDARD TIP. This is the bare minimum you should ever tip a Bellman.
$4 Spare the extra buck so you don't look like a cheapskate.
$3 This will earn you a scornful stare after you close your door.
$2 This was an appropriate tip in the early '50's. Get a grip.
$1 This is an appropriate tip for merely looking in your general direction.
Less than $1 You are obviously from a foreign country, where your inferior schooling has taught you that Tipping is a City in China.

Frequently asked Questions
Q. What happens if I don't tip my Bellman?
A. You WILL acquire the FULL WRATH of the Bellstaff. This can include 3am wake up calls mysteriously being requested for your room, your heater being turned to HIGH in the middle of the Summer (converse in the Winter), your bags may disappear upon check out, your vehicle may be slightly damaged upon departure, or you may accidentally be locked out of your room for the remainder of your stay.

Q. Other than carrying my luggage, what should I tip the Bellman for?
A. Everything. If we look at you, you should tip one dollar (smiling or otherwise acting pleasantly requires two dollars).

Q. Sometimes after being checked in by my Bellman, I realize I don't have any change. What should I do?
A. Under no circumstance should you ever say, "Your name is.....Ill catch you later" (while looking at my name tag). This is a dead give away that you are a loser. See first question concerning the wrath of the bellstaff. If you truly do not have change, the bellman will gladly run to the front desk to get change for you. Since you were stupid enough not to do this while you were AT the front desk, this service should add another two dollars to the tip.

Q. Why are all Bellman so arrogant and cocky?
A. Because we all know that we have the power to make your visit a living hell if you don't tip properly.

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