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Submitted by Tommy Williams. A "check" is also known as a "chip"
Blackjack Dealer $5 Check (or more) per session. Also it is common to place a bet beside yours for the dealer. This side bet can be as large as 10% of your bet but usually is a $1 check.
Craps Dealer Craps Dealers like to be part of the action with you! It is common to place as much as 10% ($1 Check is common) beside your bet whether betting pass line, Don't Pass, Place bet or Prop box. Craps Dealers are usually only allowed to let a "Prop" box bet ride one time (if it hits) before they have to take it down. The designation for these "dealer" bets is called "Betting for the Boys". "$1 'Yo for the boys!"
Drink Waiter/Waitress $1 Check (or more) per drink
Keno Writer/Runners $1 when they first run your ticket, more if you play alot. If they make lot of mistakes, its ok not to tip. If you win, 10% is appreciated
Poker Dealers $5 (cash or check) per session, win or lose. Winners should tip at least $10 (cash or check) but 10% or more is not uncommon.
Roulette Dealers $5 Check (or more) per session
Slot Attendants
(key people)
$1 - $2 when they repair your machine, fill it with coin, etc.
Slot Machine Changer $1 Check or more per change served 10% on a jackpot
If you hit a Jackpot It has been suggested that 10% of the winnings is great but 5% is good. I guess this depends if you are at a table game or any game with a dealer. If you win at a slot machine, tip the machine attendant 1% to 2%.
Security Officers
Suggested by Arsine Driscoll
Casino security is required to attend to all money transactions. Officers may be tipped for hopper fills and jackpot payouts according at your discretion (as are the slot attendants). Slot attendants do not normally split their tips with the security officer. Officers are allowed to accept tips and do greatly appreciate them. This is true at least for Atlantic City Casino Security Officers.
Cashier 5% of your cash out value is considered a good gesture if you have a big win.