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Gas Station

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Attendant No need to tip. Especially these days of poor service at "most" gas stations. It is not like it used to be in the 50's when 3 or 4 happy smiling attendants would voluntarily come out and check your oil and main fluids, clean all glass, pump your gas and refuse a tip. We must pump our own gas in most places these days, and I prefer it that way.

If you want to tip an attendant that does one or all of the above, go ahead and give them the following:

$1 - $2 for pumping gas
$5 for pumping gas and cleaning glass or checking fluids. But only if voluntarily offering. If you have to ask, $1 - $2 will do fine in my opinion.
Mechanic I would not, but it is up to you. Some people have special relationships with their mechanic. I take my car to the dealer all the time and those guys get paid very well, so I do not tip them. However if I took my car to a gas station mechanic and they do a good job I would tip handsomely. If you care a lot about your car and the mechanic does a good job I would tip as follows:

$10 - $20 for jobs up to $500
$50 for jobs above $500