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Holiday Tipping Guidelines

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Apartment Building Staff
Custodian $20 - $30
Doormen $25 - $100 each. Depends on how fancy the building. Take into consideration how nice they are to you. If you get lot's of visitors or lots of deliveries. If they have actually opened the door for you always. To maintain this level of quality service, you have to pay for it. So just do it.
Handymen $20 - $30 each
Superintendent $30 - $100 Depends on the type building and how the super has been with you through the year.
Health Club or Spa
Locker Room Attendant(s) $5 - $10
Trainer(s) $50 more or less depending on how much personal attention you get
Baby Sitter two nights pay or more, maybe a gift as well
Beauty Salon the cost of a regular session plus a gift. No less than $5 per staffer. Depends of course on the setup of the place and how much work you regularly get done.
Cleaning Person a weeks pay or more
Day Care Service $15 - $25 and a gift
Garbage Collector(s) $15 - $20 each
Mail Carrier As with any civil servant, government agencies prohibit employees from receiving money as a gift or gratuity. The U.S. Postal Service is no exception, but they do allow people to be nice during the holidays and they accept the fact that it happens. The USPS asks that gratuities have a cash value no more than $20 and a letter of appreciation to the supervisor.
Newspaper Delivery Person  Daily delivery $15 - $25
Weekend Delivery only $5 - $15
Parking Attendant(s) If you care enough about your car, tip generously to each and every attendant individually. As a rule, you can give each attendant $10 to $20 dollars each. If you have unusual times when you bring your car in or take it out, or if you like to have your car ready when you get there, or any other service where they go out of the way for you, a half month's rate divided amongst the attendants is considered good practice. If you don't care much about your car park it in the street.