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We get hundreds of E-Mail every week from visitors. Some of the feedback is possitive, some of it negative, some rude, some threatening and some downright scary. I have decided to share with you what people out there are thinking about.

WARNING: Some of the content can be considered profane, vulgar or offensive by some readers. You are advised to continue at your discretion.

The following texts are unedited E-Mails received by The Original Tipping Page via the Feedback form. We have removed any easily identifiable information such as IP address, address, last name, etc.

From: Diana in GA

Feedback: I am a server, and I would just like to mention that ALL resturants, not just 4 star resturants, servers must tip out to busboys, bartenders and foodrunners, based on the servers sales. I just want people who come to this site looking for what is appropriate for tipping servers to put this into consideration. The hourly wage is only set high enough to pay our taxes, not pay our bills and, in my case, tuition and books for college. Thank you.

From Jeff in TX

Feedback: Your information relating to pizza delivery tips is outdated. With inflation and the ever-increasing gas prices, the amounts you list for pizza delivery are far under what they should be. If everyone tipped pizza drivers what you recommend, we pizza driver’s wouldn’t make enough money to maintain our personal vehicles much less pay any of our other bills. Please visit for more accurate tip guidelines as well as explanations of why the increased tip amounts are justified.

A concerned pizza driver

From Corey F. in IL

Feedback: I am thrifty, but I do value good service. As stated on your web page, tips should be accepted, not expected. Tipping at hair salons is very vague. If you go to Great Clips or Fantastic Sam's or any regular salon where the hair cut costs less than $30, tipping should be generous because the employees are not earning a great deal of money and they would really appreciate the $5 tip. If you go to a place that is already charging you $100 for the same hair cut then it is ridiculous to give up an additional $10 for the service, especially if the owner is your stylist.

From Bob

Feedback: Tipping is not an option. Tipping is required. The IRS taxes waitpersons based upon the IRS's estimate of how much a waitperson earned in tips. Tipping does not ensure even mediocre service which is the best for which you can hope. "The Original Tipping Page is decades out of date.

From Anthony in CA

Feedback: I am a server in a Fine dining steak house in Long Beach., CA. Because of some complaints by bussers, regarding server tip outs the Mngmnt has decided to post not only server sales every night, but also server Credit Card tips. This is tantamount to posting our salaries on the crew room board. Are there any privacy violations in terms of labor practices? Or any other valid concerns legal or otherwise?

From Gary in OH

Feedback: Why should a $20.00 steak dinner warrant a bigger tip than a $8.00 Burger. Why is the tip set according to the size of the bill. The waitress does the same smount of work.I think it should be set on the number of persons in the party.

From E. J. in FL

Feedback: Where are you getting this information? By the way, your "waitress gripes" page is no longer active, and most of the links to/from your website have problems as well. I'd like to gripe to you on quite a few counts, but I'll keep it quick. One is, it completely depends on the location of a valet attendant for what you should tip them. If you are at a restaurant where you just paid over $100/person, the valet should get $3 or $5. Giving a measley dollar to someone who usually has no hourly income is insulting, especially if they have carefully watched your Bugati or Jag for 3 or 4 hours.

Many people I know only manage to scrape by in life waiting tables because of people who tip 15% or less. Face it, times have changed, inflation HAS affected servers as well as everyone else. 20% for a job well done. If it's not as good as you expected, 15% is reasonable. It is NEVER okay to leave no tip. If your meal was that horrible, you should talk to the manager, so that the server in question knows that they did something wrong. Servers pay taxes on what they earn, as well as a typical 3-4% tipout to foodrunners/busboys, and usually a tipout to the bar. This eats into earned tips extremely quickly.

Your site reads like you're trying to soothe people who don't like to tip. In case you've ever wondered what the servers think: people who don't tip well are regarded as too poor to go out to dinner.

From Anonymous in CA

Feedback: Looks like you have a good website. I was able to open up the 20/20 screen but couldn't the other screens

I wish you the best and do agree with you that the is out of place. We, the custoemrs, are the source of the problem in the food serving industry. We are the customers who pay your keep, we are the reason you are hired.

The problem you have, if you feel underpaid -- and who doesn't? -- is between you and your employer. We much prefer those countries where no tipping is the rule. We pay one price which includes the food, tax and service. We've found service always excellent in such countries.

And if 15% isn't enough, or 20% should be the norm, then why not 25% or 30% for good service? I mean as food bills inflate, the customary 15% rides the escalator up and up and up. Going 15% to 20% is a 1/3 increase in one's wages when few people get anywheres near that when they get an increase.

All the best to you! -- and your good site and thanks for the 20/20 story even if I think it is a rare circumstance such things exist. There's a severe penalty for mistreating your customers ... they don't come back ... ever.

From Katherine H. in CA

In CA, an employer may not directly or indirectly (via its agents (e.g., supervisors, managers, etc.) share or receive an employees tips.  Moreover, case law states thtat a tip-pooling can be required, but only among those employees providing direct table service (e.g., bussers, hosts, servers, etc.).

From Naomi F.

It's true that tipping is not common in NZ, but it is becoming more common with increased tourism over recent years. It is common for cafes and restaurants to have a jar at the counter for tips - often you/'d put your loose change in it.

As a foreigner in the US, I found your site very helpful.

Thanks a lot,
Naomi Fleming

Thank you Naomi :-)

From Nicole in FL

Inregards to your car attendant tip i diss agree. my brother in law works for disney too as a car attendant, and the get pay the min. wag for watresses and waters. so about $3.15. that means they also live off tips fo $1 is not any were close to what should be tipped. and if you think because they get you car (even if it is a free service) they don;t deser a tip well then you try running and getting your car you self. Also if you think people that get payed to do there job like a masage tharapist then there is some thing wrong in this world because if they get a tip then so should I just for ringing up you merchandise. so cough it up!!!!



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