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From Faye in GA

Tipping infuriates me!!!! Waiters are paid to do their job and do it well. If they don't like the salary then they should go elsewhere. Wy should they expect a tip when that is their job to satisfy the coustomer and their emplolyer. I say down with tipping.

From Charles in IN

I'm cheap, so I need someone to tell me that I need to tip (I always tip my waiter/waitress 10%+ regardless of service, but don't always tip tour operators, hotel room cleaners, etc.) My comment, after my introduction, is that it would be helpful to include a few Examples of a typical restaurant bills and who gets what tip based on their position with the restaurant. At first glance, it appears that I would need to tip 4-5 different people if I ate at a 4+ star resaturant, quickly increasing my total bill to up to 50% of the pre-tax bill. I don't mentally budget that much when I go out to you?

From Donna in MO

I just wanted to know if there was a professional way of letting clients know that tipping/gratuity is a part of our paycheck. I work in a salon in NC and just moved there from FL. I don't think people up here are educated on gratuity in a salon..the ratio is like 50% don't tip. Is there a statement or something with correct verbage that I can use and print up and frame to hang in our Salon? These people need to be educated...I'm making so much less up here because of the lack of people who tip! I feel like moving back to FL! Any info on a statement or tipping policy that I can print up and frame would be appreciated.

From Sharon in TX

I have been a waitress for 30 years and i tip to every one that deserves it and more and i think a lot more people should tip more.

From Carolyn in Plano, TX

Why do people understand that they are supposed to tip waiters but do not understand that pizza delivery guys use their own cars and gas and bring them a hot meal to their door and either give them nothing or maybe a dollar or two. My husband and I both lost our jobs and this is all we have at the moment and the more expensive the nerighborhood the less the tips. Do they not understand that he makes minimum wage and is expected to live on his tips? I watch people give a dollar for a girl at Sonic to bring them a hamburger or a coke 15 feet to their car . We delivered flowers last Valentines Day for extra money and out of 26 deliveries we got one tip. of $2. Please help people understand that this is a job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Sue in Sachse, TX

I would like to make a comment about tipping fFom my husband's experience.The poeple who have the money to tip are usually the one who DO NOT tip. He works part time for aservice that provides drivers for funeral homes. Most of these drivers are retired men who work for $9-$10 per hour to supplement their retirement income by driving the limos and coaches. Their tips usually come from middle income people who show their apprecaition by tipping. Most wealthy people never tip. The average tip from those who do tip is $20-$30

From Roberta in Washington, D.C.

I pride myself on being a good tipper at restaurants but I m going on vacation and had no clue how to tip while traveling. Thanks so much for the insight. Equipped with the info you provided, I can guarantee the bellman will love to see me coming!!

From David, a Hotel Employee

The page you took from how to tip a bellman is great... I looked all over the internet for it, and your the only place that had it... Thanks for posting it. It made my entire staff laugh...

From Dan in FL

I'm getting a little peeved at people who denegrade tavelers for not tipping like fat cats. Some of us can't afford to throw every bellman and maid a fiver every time we're blessed to get their attention. If you don't want the two or three bucks I give you to escort my luggage to the room, then don't take it. And go out and get a job that pays real money. I have a mortgage payment to make every month too. I really hated the tone of that "tips" on tipping article. I'd really like to find out what hotel you work for so I can go there and stiff you in person just to see the look on your face. Tips need to be EARNED, not taken for granted. It's called a service industry, and you don't deserve a fiver for just showing up and doing your damn job. I've already paid plenty for the airfare, the cab, the hotel and the meals I'm going to eat. I always tip 20 percent, unless I feel the person serving me is just going through the motions and not doing their job. There are way too many snot nosed kids who are terrible at their jobs, and then get huffy and puffy when they don't get their 20 percent tip on an inflated tab. Stick that in your bellhop hat and smoke it, a-hole!

From Paula

Do you feel that a tour guide should share her tips 50/50 with her motorcoach driver on a day trip, when her job consists of delivering commentary, giving outstanding customer service, conducting walking tours, doing all the behind the scenes work that tour guides do and, the drivers' job is that he drives, does not handle baggage, and is courteous and respectful to the passengers, as well as to the tour guide? My thought is that if the passengers leave the tour guide tips, then they are hers. Same for the driver. However, if the passengers do not tip the driver, I will usually offer him 40% of my tips (the tour guide.) The concern of so many drivers is that they make only minimum wage and so, the tour guide should help him out with 1/2 of her tip intake and that they performed just as much work as she did to earn that tip. My argument is that if they want to make more money, they should find a higher paying job, and that it is not my obligation to pay "bus dr! iver support." Thank you for your advice and counsel, so that this matter may be resolved.

From Kelly

I disagree... I worked in a buffet/steakhouse. although we did not take the order we did everything else... we bought dinners from the kitchen, brought drinks, helped keep the buffet stocked, and at slower times bused our own tables. And, probably the hardest part of the job, because of the nature of the buffet, there were probably 3 times the dishes as in a regular restaurant to clear and carry to the kichen. I worked in regular restaurants as well, both casual and formal dining, and alhough the duties vary slightly, all waiting is in my opinion, deserving of the same tip rate if you are happy with your service.

From Marks

You should tip on the total bill regardless of your pleasure. The person accommodating your ego is being taxed in so many ways. Wake up and be gracious. If you can't afford to tip on wine you can't afford to drink it. And if you justify it, you are cheep and good luck.

From Viv in Australia

I live in Australia and tipping is not normal here. I have wondered why people need to tip a person for doing their job. People are employed to do a job, and at all times it should be the best they can do so why would anyone then give them more money for doing their job? It is a odd situation where people expect tips. Doing their job well should be good enough

From Sarah

Servers are required to report sales as if they were tipped on 8-10 % of their sales or run the risk of being audited by the IRs, (and yes it happens frequently.) If someone has a $300 tab, $200 of that liquor, and they only leave $15 because thats 15% of everything but the 4 bottles of wine they had, then that server is not only tipping out more to the support staff then they should but reporting more to the IRS then they should. And if you cant afford to be tipping off your entire bill, then mabey you should get a $10 bottle of wine and stay home. There is a considerable amount of work that goes into opening and presenting a bottle of wine. recomending that people not tip on that portion of the bill is insane.


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