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Keeping Up With 'Keep the Change'

Not many people remember that the word "tip" is an acronym for "to insure promptness" anymore. Tipping has become standardized. In some places, everyone from the waiter to porters to proprietors figure gratuities as part of wages. In others, it's a different story. Here's some help in paying your own percentage.

Restaurant Tips by Country
Country TIP
United States  15%-20%
Expected, but usually not included in bill. 
France  12%-15%
Usually included in hotel, restaurant bills. 
U.K.  10%-12%
Service charge usually in restaurant bill. 
Japan  10%-20%
Tip usually included in hotel, restaurant bill; otherwise, tipping not common. 
Germany 10%-15%
Service charge usually included in restaurant bill; small additional tip is norm. 
Hong Kong  10%-15% 
Tipping common for all services. 
Indonesia 10%
Usually included in bill; additional tip sometimes added. 
Italy 10%
Tips expected for most services. 
Malaysia  10%
Tipping usual for porters and room service. 
Mexico  10%
Tipping common for most services. 
Philippines  10%
Tipping common for most services. 
Saudi Arabia  10%
Tips usually included in restaurant or hotel bill; extra 10% sometimes given for special service. 

(Source: ECA Windham, New York)