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Here you will find other links of interest. If you have any suggestions or additions, please let me know. Also, if there are any outdated or non functioning links, please let me know right away. Thank you.

The following links will take you outside of The Original Tipping Page. I do not endorse nor reject the views of the author. It is included for informational purposes only.

External LinkCruise Tip Calculator

This web page has an awesome tip calculator for Cruises. It automates the tough task of calculating all the numerous tips suggested for a cruise. It includes pre-programmed rates for all the major cruise lines based on their suggestions. This site is maintained by T. P. Keller.

External LinkVillarama

Bargain Holidays. Rent direct from owners of Spanish villas, Florida villas, Caribbean island hideaways, villas in Italy, villas in Spain, villas in Portugal, Cyprus villas and more.

External LinkThe Protocol School of Palm Beach

Excellent resource of etiquette information. "Certified, experienced, and knowledgeable in all facets of executive etiquette and international protocol"

External LinkStarward First Travel

Discount Carnival Cruises is their speciality

External LinkWm. Michael Lynn

Cornell University School of Hotel Administration Professor, has an excellent page on the subject of tipping. Check it out.


Your complete resource for getting married.


If it has anything to do with having a quick bite, it has everything to do with being a Sinkie

External LinkAndy's Rant Pages

Pizza Delivery Gripe Page

External LinkTable Manners

By Manners International.

External LinkCheck out this cool page

"Give your compliment a clout, when you dine out"

External LinkWorld Trade Magazine

This other page was submitted by DLP (via an email comment) and it is quite useful. It shows acceptable rates for tipping throughout the world. It is from World Trade magazine.

External LinkMake Better Tips

Written by someone who works in the Food Service Industry on how to improve your income from tips.

External LinkFair Tips

This site promotes their goal is to educate consumers as to why waitstaff should be tipped 20%. It is heavily biased and does not consider or discuss the customer's rights in any way. The site is well designed and professionaly done.

External LinkMega Tips

Scientifically Scientifically Tested Techniques to Increase Your Tips - A document by Dr. Michael Lynn, Associate Professor at the School of Hotel Administration of Cornell University. We have a local copy in case the above link changes or stops working.

External is a community-based industry website for New York City. Launched only six months ago, it has gained 700+ members that are restaurant/hospitality professionals. The site is free to all members, but targets experienced front and back of house employees.


Where the Service Industry hangs out!


Provides hotel deals near airports, malls, downtown, casinos, beaches, attractions, stadiums, theme parks.


Tip Compliance for the restaurant/business owner.


Tip Program Administration software.


Database of bad tippers.


The Internet's number one resource for service industry information, tipping practices and industry standards. Please select the category below that suits your needs. Please feel free to browse all categories and give yourself an education in all of the different pieces that make up restaurant and bar industry.